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All tourists traveling into Mexico MUST have a VALID PASSPORT.

Traveling by plane your airline will give you a (Visa Tourist Card) on the plane for you to complete.  You will present this Visa Tourist Card to the Immigrations Officer at the Puerto Vallarta Airport along with your Valid Passport.  The Immigrations Officer will stamp your Passport and Tourist Card.  The Immigrations Officer will keep the top portion of the Tourist Card and give you the bottom portion of the Tourist Card.  Please keep this Tourist Card with your Passport.  You will be required to present the Tourist Card to your airline carried upon departure.  If you loose the Tourist Card you will be required to pay a fee.

Traveling with Children

Mexican law requires that any child under the age of 18 of any nationality traveling into or out of Mexico must carry Notarized written permission from any parent not traveling with the child. This law is to protect children and is strictly enforced. This permission must include the name of the parent, the name of the child, the name of anyone traveling with the child, and the Notarized Signature(s) of the absent parent(s). The child must be carrying the original letter – not a faxed or scanned copy – as well as proof of the parent/child relationship (usually a Birth Certificate) – and an original custody decree, if applicable.

Traveling By Car

If you are traveling by car you should check with the nearest Mexican Consulate for the most current information on entering Mexico.

Entering México

Requirements to enter Mexico are subject to change – check with your airline or visit the Mexican Embassy Website

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