San Pancho Days Honor San Francisco’s Patron Saint

September 24, 2016

If you really want to experience the rich culture of Mexico, you should visit the charming village  “San Francisco  Nayarit” in September. Every year, in the month of September, the people of this beautiful town celebrate a nine-day festival in which they honor ‘Saint Francis of Assisi’. The festival starts from 25th of September and ends on October 4th.
With its natural beauty that is still untamed, this small town attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. You can find in all the ecological programs held by the people of this tropical beach paradise that, they are firmly following the mission of Saint Francis. Whether a preservation group, a birding group, or an environmental group, all are playing their roles to preserve the jaguar and its habitat.
Since Mexico is a strong Catholic country, the people of this country follow the teachings of Saint Francis about the environment. They also hold a festival every year to give honor to Saint Francis.

“San Pancho” or “San Francisco Nayarit” Days:
“San Pancho Days” is a famous 9-day festival that is celebrated by the patron saint to honor San Pancho. On this particular festival, people decorates their homes and offices with colorful decorations and make plenty of delicious traditional food. They also arrange different parties with their friends, family, and neighbors. October 4th, happens to be the important day of the festival.
Both local people and tourists enjoy each day of the festival with thorough enjoyment. Delicious foods, music, drinks, parades, and you will find a full entertaining and amusing environment especially in these days. In the nights, candlelight processions are arranged which lead within the town through the streets and people actively participate in the processions.
To experience the amazing moments in this festival, thousands of tourists take different Mexico all inclusive resort packages and head to the country where fun never ends!

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