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September National Holidays and Celebrations in Puerto Vallarta

September kicks off the beginning of fall and winter in Puerto Vallarta and is full of national holidays and celebrations that offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience Mexico’s rich cultural heritage through a host of exciting events focusing on religion, gastronomy, history and nature.

The following cultural celebrations and national holidays in the upcoming months will fill the streets of Puerto Vallarta with exciting sights, tastes, sounds, and experiences for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike.  Here are the event for September.

Mexican Culture Comes Alive on El Día de Charro

September 14 is El Día de Charro, a day to celebrate Mexico’s cowboys. Charreria, or Mexican rodeo, is often a family tradition passed down from one generation to the next. The sport evolved over centuries from the demands of working life on ranches and keeps alive traditions and cultural values such as strength, work, order and respect. On September 14, Puerto Vallarta will honor the Mexican cowboys. The celebration traditionally begins with local charros, wearing large sombreros and brightly embellished jackets, riding on the horseback through the streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta. The festivities continue into the evening with rich food, music, celebratory dances, and traditional charro style calf roping on the Malecón.

¡Viva México! El Grito de Independencia

On September 15, the eve of Mexican Independence Day, thousands gather below the balcony of the Municipal Square for the traditional Ceremonia del Grito de Independencia. As the clock begins to strike eleven, silence falls over the crowd as the Mayor steps out onto the balcony of La Presidencia (the municipal government building) to ring the symbolic liberty bell and give El Grito de Dolores, which is met by the people’s response of “Viva Mexico!” and “Viva la Independencia!” in an emotion-packed traditional annual ritual. El Grito is an event not to missed as it is followed by music, food, drink and fireworks.

Anniversary of Mexico’s War of Independence

September 16th is El Dìa de Independencia, which commemorates the day in 1810 that Miguel Hidalgo, considered the father of Mexico, publicly initiated what became the Mexican independence movement, and started the Mexican revolt against the Spanish rulers. El Dìa de Independencia is a national holiday. Most people have the day off from work so they can enjoy fiestas and the parade that winds through downtown. Banks, government offices and about half of the businesses in Puerto Vallarta will close in observance of the holiday, but plenty of restaurants will be open so you can wrap up the festivities with an authentic Mexican dinner.

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