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Punta MitaTours

There are many things to see and do during your vacation in Punta Mita.  The best way to insure you see and do everything is to take a tour. We have compiled he following Punta Mita Tour options for your consideration.

Canopy Tour

The tropical forests in the Sierra Madre Mountains set the scene for this spectacular experience. The canopy tour takes you high into the treetops, swinging from platform to platform 90 feet from the forest floor. Gliding along a carefully placed zip-line is a fun and thrilling way to explore the tropical forests of Punta Mita.

Just forty-five minutes from Puerto Vallarta, in the heart of the tropical forest of the Sierra Madre Mountains, lies Vallarta Adventure’s own private eco-reserve, a biological paradise where you will discover a stunning profusion of Mexico’s tropical flora and fauna. Our Canopy Adventure gives you the opportunity to experience this amazing wilderness from a unique perspective.

Daily, from our office in Marina Vallarta at 8:30 am, 10:30 am and 1:30 pm, or from the Vallarta Adventure Center in Nuevo Vallarta at 8 am, 11 am and 1 pm.

Length of Tour: 4 1/2 hours


Adults $79 USD

Children under 12 $69 USD

What’s Included:

Roundtrip ground transportation from our offices, bottled water, fruit and cookies.

Please wear shorts or long pants, tennis shoes and insect repellent

Minimum height 4 ft, Minimum age 8 years, Maximum weight 250 lbs.

Only in your wildest fantasies have you swung from treetop to treetop through dense tropical vegetation! Fast, fun and exhilarating, Vallarta Adventures Canopy Adventure finally brings these dreams to life! Hanging bridges built into treetops are reminiscent of Tarzan – and Cheeta would have loved our Gorilla Swing.

On this spectacular eco-adventure tour you will experience what can only be described as a pulse-stopping view of one of the most beautiful and complex biological communities on earth. Feel the rush of adrenalin pump through your veins as you whoosh from platform to platform, 90 ft (30 meters) above the forest

Huichol Indian Village Tour

The Huichol Indians are considered one of the last indigenous cultures in the world that remain true to ancient customs, traditions, language and lifestyle. Living in the high Sierra Mountains behind Punta de Mita, the Huichol Indians are known for their yarn paintings and beaded works. Daily bus and air-tours of the village are a great way to spend a day away from civilization to learn more about the culture and history of Mexico.

Specifically designed for people who want to venture away from civilization to learn more about the people, culture, and history of Mexico, our Huichol Indian air tour takes you on a scenic one-hour flight to the remote mountain village of San Andres Coamihata – an important religious and political center for one of the few remaining indigenous tribes in the world – the Huichol Indians.

Every Friday from December-April at 8:30 am from the Aerotron Aerodrome next to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Length of Tour: 6 hours


$210 USD

What’s Included:

Round-trip flight, soft drinks and knowledgeable guides

We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and bring a light sweater with you.

Believed to be direct descendants of the Aztecs, the Huichol Indians are a warm hearted and enduring people who romanticize their past, clinging tenaciously to their lifestyle, language, rituals and customs – despite the ever-increasing physical and cultural encroachment of the modern world.

Perhaps the last tribe in North America who still live much as they did in Pre Columbian times, the Huichols are one of the few civilizations in the world that have not lost their cultural identity to Western influences. Their strong ceremonial traditions and rich mythology are alive and well, as reflected in the visionary artworks that they create.

Huichol art, portrayed in the form of gourds, masks, jewelry, and sculpture, is all hand-made using traditional methods that are handed down from generation to generation. Individual artists are taught by their elders, who then pass on the artistic techniques to their children, to ensure their beliefs, rituals, visions and dreams are recorded and preserved.

Originally all forms of Huichol art were made as prayer offerings to the Spirits, called “offrendas.” This practice is still continued, but today, some of their art is made to sell, providing the Huichol people with a means of livelihood that encourages them to maintain and preserve their cultural and spiritual identity.

Our eye-opening, half-day tour to this rural hideaway in the Sierra Madre Mountains offers you the unique opportunity to step into the Huichols’ way of life – and discover a world that is central to a mesmerizing legend dating back over 2000 years. Escape to San Andres Coamihata and the secret world of the Huichol Indians – make your reservations today!

Prices are subject to change.

Jeep Safari

Take a jeep safari through the Sierra Mountains. This off-road adventure will take you through streams and over unpaved terrain as you explore all that the Sierras have to offer. The safari also includes a stop along a secluded beach where guests are served lunch.

Puerto Vallarta’s wealth of natural resources, ecological attractions and magnificent scenery make it an ideal place for outdoor recreation and adventure travel vacations. This exciting jeep safari was specifically designed to give adventurous explorers the opportunity to discover traditional “Old Mexico” villages in the Mexican Outback, as well as the Ecology and Wildlife found in the mountains and jungles of the Sierra Madres.

Daily from the Vallarta Adventure Center in Nuevo Vallarta at 8:30am, and from our office in Marina Vallarta at 9:30am.

Length of Tour: 7 1/2 hours


$80 USD

What’s Included:

A barbeque lunch and unlimited beverages

We recommend that you bring a bathing suit, a towel, a light sweater, sunscreen and insect repellent with you.

Minimum age 8 years old.

Videos of your personal tour are available for an extra fee.

If getting off the beaten path and a little adventure is appealing to you, take this opportunity to travel back in time, when life was less hectic and the simple events of each day had greater significance. Venturing away from the suburbs of Vallarta in our specially designed Mercedes Benz all-terrain vehicles, our off-road voyage of discovery begins, as we take you through mountain streams, past forgotten villages, and over bumpy terrain on a mission to reach the heart of the Sierra.

It is here, in the depths of the forest vegetation that our knowledgeable, ecologically trained guides will take you on an amazing 45-minute educational nature walk, encouraging you to discover and explore the extraordinary flora and fauna hidden away under the canopy of the jungle.

Our adventure does not stop here, but takes you to a golden expanse of virgin coastline, where you’ll enjoy an ‘al fresco’ lunch prepared by your dedicated guides, and the chance to kick back and relax on the white sands of a beautiful, secluded beach.

Don’t miss this eye-opening day that will invigorate your senses and offer you a window of discovery within a safe, fun-filled environment.

Prices are subject to change.

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